Just a few ideas..


Mar 18, 2006
Hi Neal,

There are a lot of posts in this area, so at the risk of repeating here are some of the items I would like to see in future updates:

1: Automatic calculation of night hours. This should be straight forward enough based on Lat/ Long. This could then be used to automatically log day/night landing based on pilot function.

2:An option to automatically work out IFR time, based on say Block Time minus say 10 mins, or the actual airborne / landing times. I don't think it's possible to do it by customising existing columns?

3: Hours / minutes I know you've heard about!

4: Some of us get paid a 'sector allowance', dependant on the destination we fly to / from. For example, £20 for flights within UK, £30 for flights to mainland Europe, £40 to east coast USA etc. Just wondering if there is a quick way to log this in LPro/APDL, or is it a leg by leg thing? Would it be possible to reference it to Dept / Dest fields? Or perhaps insert say letter 'A' for £20, letter 'B' for £30, etc in a customised column? Could this be done through a a per diem type entry in APDL?

5: In APDL, how about an option for instant lookback which could be customised to individual needs, say 7/28/365 days? This would be easier than having to insert start/finish dates.

You can tell from all of the above I'm either very lazy or extremely time efficient! If I have brought up something which is already built in, Apologies. I have been using LogBook Pro for about a year now, and it has saved me a small fortune - well actually a rather large fortune now that I think about it.

If you can incorporate any/all of the above, then the best will just get better!