Landing Currency


New member
Apr 17, 2006
I cannot seem to get a simple 90 landing currency to work. I have read the help section 100 times and even watched the video, not working.

I have 1 type of aircraft in my logbook and have the currency editor set to 3 total landings in 90 day period and it continually shows "expired:unknown" even though the lookback in the status bar clearly shows the 30/60/90 day landing status.

What am I missing?

Most likely your currency item is too restrictive, i.e. narrowing the filter down to a specific aircraft category or class. Feel free to post screen shots here, or send a backup of your logbook (File..Archive..Backup) to and I'll check your currency configuration.

I looked at your data file, for some strange reason when I click the MD11 Landings currency, the item you have in All to Pass has no text, just an icon. I suggest clicking this item and deleting it, then recreate this one currency and see what happens.