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Mar 18, 2006
Hi Neal,

I am considering buying one of the Cirrus Binders. Before I do so I just want to get a few things clear in my head!

There does not appear to be a JAR template for the log layout for printing. Am I correct in thinking that the only way to produce something similar to a JAR style Jeppesen format is to use the LogBook Pro Standard Flight Log and show the various columns etc using the Config Display Option?

If this is so then it does not have the same polished look as the other templates! I may be getting this all wrong, but it seems to me that if I am going to go to the expense of a binder and paper etc then I would prefer a JAR type layout to be available. Are there any plans to produce such a template? Or is there one and I have missed it?!!

I have tried to edit some of the custom templates to suit my needs but it looks like I can't delete or insert various columns etc.

Also, did I read somewhere that version 2 is coming shortly (when?), and if so will it incorporate any JAR stuff?

Best Regards,


For the best printing results in using the Cirrus Elite Binders, the Split-Report series is what you should use. If the default templates do not provide the information you require, the only other option is to work within the confines of the custom template system.

Version 2 is slated for a spring to summer 2007 release which is our best guess as of this writing.
Hello Neal,

Many thanks for the quick reply. Just wondering, will version 2 have a lot of the JAR stuff with it? Is there a post / thread giving details of what is going to be included?