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Sep 27, 2013
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At AA we have two listings for Lima in our Jepps. SPJC and SPIM. SPIM does not have any Jepp plates but the listing says LIM (I don't understand this). SPJC also says LIM and we have Jepp plates for it. Both Airports say it is the Jorge Chavez airport. APDL says SPIM is correct. Can we look into this?
I am a 737 FO at AA and we had an FO jumpseating to Miami going to Lima and was interested in APDL when I showed it to him. However, we had issues with Lima.
All I know is that Lima just changed their ICAO code in the last week or so. I believe the new code is SPIM.

Edit: Upon looking at Delta's tailored pages it currently shows he ICAO as SPIM. I know I remember seeing something from the company about this changing. Now I think the new code is SPJC. Either way it needs to be verified which is correct.
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Our airport database has it as ICAO of SPIM and IATA (normally used by airlines) as LIM - I see no change required on our part, and from the Internet all seems to verify this. If anyone has source info to share please do.
Looks like a new change on 12 Nov 2015 that has not propagated the interwebs.ávez_International_Airport

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