Line order


Feb 3, 2003

I had this problem once before. It has appeared again! After entering 10 flights on my PocketPC 2002 and importing them into Logbook Pro, one line will not show up in its intended spot. It is the very first entry of three entries I made on 8/25. (I may not have actually entered them on that date, but I did enter them in the proper sequence.) I use Out/In times to generate the flight time and this line has the earliest Out/In times on that date. The only way I can get the line to display first is to actually change the line date to 8/24. Changing the date on the Out/In time has no effect on the line's position.

What can I do to make this line appear where it is supposed to?


Jon Cain
Senior Captain

The best way to resolve your entries on the PC is to reenter them manually, in order. Let me know if this occurs again. I also assume you are using 1.3, the latest version.


I have had this problem on numerous occasions. It seems to happen when:

1. If you enter a flight on a PPC and then go back and change something in it.

2. If you jump back to the beginning of a set of flights on your PPC it will jumble them up ie. the first flight displayed may not be the first of the flight sequences and then it will display in what looks like a random order. Likewise when you jump to the last entry using the >| symbol on the PPC that flight is not necessarily the last one entered.

When you sync the PPC with the PC entries on the PC LBP can be in a random order. Manula entry is then required and somewhat moves away from the idea of using the PPC.

Shouldn't LBP on the PC be able to sort by date and off/out times?