Locked logbook.

Jul 30, 2002
Hello Gentlemen,

I am a long time user of Logbook Pro but I went out to fly a Sim course and when I came back and tried to input my new sim hours I found out that my entire logbook is locked.

I updated it to 1.10.26 to no avail. Tried several times to reactivate it and got no luck at all.

Thanks in advance!
I don't know what you mean by entire logbook is locked. Are you not able to enter data, or are you in Evaluation mode? If you're in evaluation mode, enter your issued name/unlock code to unlock. Refer to the "Lost Unlock Code" section of the policies if you need your code(s). If you require further assistance with registration, please submit a support ticket.
Hi Neal,

Looks like the logbook is in the evaluation mode. I have my unlock code and have entered it 6 times and I can't add or edit any data in the spreadsheet logbook.

I'll try a bit more and, if I don't succeed, I'll submit a support ticket.