Lockup on program start


Aug 9, 2004
I have recently re-installed LBP for the fifth time with the same problem occurring. During the startup process, the splash screen is displayed and the program opens.Approximately 5 secondslater,the program stops responding to any keyboard or mouse inputs and locks up. The only way to stop this is to three key (CRTL+ALT+DEL) the program, which obviously shows that LBP is "not responding". I have removed LBP, rebooted, and reinstalled several times, all to no avail. The problem started after installing LBP I had no problems with the previous version of LBP.

I emailed NC-Software on 7.7.04 about the problem and received a response that same day. Unfortunately, this didn't fix the problem. On 7.8.04 I received an email from Neal Culiner asking for my system particulars and a copy of the .bak file. This was sent to Neal on 7.8.04. I received no response from Neal, so I again resent the information on 7.14.04. To this day (8.9.04) I have not received a response to my problem with LBP. I have sent two other emails to Neal (7.21.04 & 7.27.04) asking for help, but I have not received a response from Neal or NC-Software.

Would someone please contact me and let me know what is going onwith the program fix, and please post (or email) the previous version of LBP so that I can update my logbook in preparation for an upcoming interview. Thank you.

Please visit the support center and submit a support request. I will be able to look up any other inquiries on your e-mail address at that time. Most likely you did not receive the replies as we were having technical difficulties which should now be resolved.

One thing to try prior to e-mailing support. When Logbook Pro starts up, do you see the icon on the Windows Task Bar (bottom of screen)? If so, right-click it and choose Maximize.

Thank you for your response. LBP will launch normally initially (splash screen and initial program interface - but no spreadsheet view), but once the program locks up, nothing short of three keying will make the program respond. A right click to the Task Bar shows no response.
It's hard for me to determine what the cause of the lockup is. If you are seeing the main interface with menu/toolbar, it's not a background update delay or the task bar minimize issue. I would have to see your data file to ensure it's not a data problem, but the fact your getting to the main interface would most likely rule that out and in the end, would come back to something with your Operating System may be corrupt I'm sorry to say.

I received your support incident and replied, but noticed you are using Windows 98. Windows 98 is probably one of Microsoft's worst OS's and is very fragile and succeptable to failure. I highly recommend upgrading to Windows XP for a much more reliable experience.

Would someone from NC-Software please post the previous version of LBP or email the previous version to me. Thank you
I'm sorry but we only maintain the latest build. For a recent version, the software would have to be maintained by the recipient of the prior download. We have had no issues with Logbook Pro functioning on all OS's from Windows 98 and up. It has been our most successful and reliable release to date. Please e-mail a backup of your data file (as I just requested by e-mail) to support@nc-software.com for immediate review.