Logbook Pro 2009?


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Dec 8, 2007
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Do you have an idea, season, or a close date to when Logbook Pro 2009 is coming out? Do you have a price for the upgrade if I bought the older verse now cause money is very, very tight for everbody..... I am laid off from Comair. Thank you very much! -Ryan
Hello Ryan,

All I can honestly say is "when it's done" as we don't have any dates set, we simply have design goals, testing, on and on. Long road ahead yet! As Logbook Pro v1 is 10 years old and rock solid, feature rich, we know it provides the tools most need so we are taking our time as there is no need to rush out something to replace an already successful product.

Best of luck in your job endeavor, it's a tough time for many and may better times lie ahead.
You had a logbook pro version 2 forum set up at one time a few years ago and then it disappeared.

Many of us loyal customers would like some idea of what the future holds for the product.
Hello Dave,

The next version of Logbook Pro has been in development for about two years now and is coming along nicely. The details of what's to come are not yet public and it will be a few more months before public beta testing and hopefully a release near the fall time frame of this year.
Thanks for the quick reply.

I think the frustration of many users that I've seen here and on other forums I visit is the lack of information coming out of NC Software regarding the future of the product.

You've written before that the upgrades will be worth the wait. Thats all fine but it would be nice to know what we are waiting for. :liplick:
I understand your frustration and that of others, however, we can't discuss what's coming for multiple reasons. Mainly, the competition is watching and we don't want them to get any tips as to what they need to do to compete with what we have in the works, secondly, until it's actually released there's nothing firm that any discussed features will actually make it in the final cut. It's so called "vapor'ware" in that it's all talk and no do until it's actually released. Please see the following newsletter article for more information:

Logbook Pro Newsletter - June 2008 Edition

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. The wait will be worth it, I promise. And I plan to get it out into public beta as soon as I can so people can actually use and work with it months prior to the final release. I anticipate a lengthy beta process and public involvement prior to going final.
That newsletter link is EXACTLY the kind of information I was looking for. Looks like it will be an exciting product.

I would like to send you a private message, how do I do that?
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