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Logbook Pro for iPhone questions

Andy Adams

Support Engineer
Staff member
Apr 23, 2008
Wilson, NC

on my "about" screen, it shows version 1.0.4 (18) . what is the 18? is that meaning i'm the 18th person to download that version or something?

also i had a thought, i don't seem to be able to view the iphone app tutorial videos on the iphone itself. (even on the lbp website. i get a play icon with a circle and slash through it like it can't play) would it be a good idea to provide a link on the help page or about page to the website, or somehow make them viewable on the phone so that you don't have to use a pc to watch the tutorials? i'm just getting close to finishing all the videos now and i've had the app for a few weeks, simply because i haven't had a whole lot of time or thought about the videos when i was around a pc with internet access.
Hello Andy,

I moved your post to a new thread as it was a different topic and that one thread was just getting too long for anyone to learn from.

on my "about" screen, it shows version 1.0.4 (18) . what is the 18? is that meaning i'm the 18th person to download that version or something?

1.0.4 is the application (software) version, the (18) is the database version. It allows me to know what exactly configuration your database is and if there are ever changes to the structure in the future I know what you have now and what changes you would need for a future update. 1.0.3 had DB version 16, I added support for the Pending Flights in 1.0.4 so I updated the database structure and versioned in 18.

The iPhone tutorials are encoded to use QuickTime so iPad users could watch them as Apple doesn't support Flash (sadly!). I'll see what I can do to encode them for iPhone viewing as I had hoped the iPhone would have been able to play the QuickTime videos. Thx for the suggestion.
Yeah, I would have thought it would work, guess not. You could try watching the videos on www.facebook.com/LogbookPro and see if it works there? Otherwise I'll have to encode them specifically for the iPhone, low prio at this time.
oh, definitely not a high priority, just a thought in the interest of keeping everything for the app self contained, so someone can learn how to use it all from within their device. or view a tutorial on the fly if they go into a new data area they haven't used previously.
Is there any alert capability in the app or planned for the app to
make either a popup or a badge within the app next to the history
items if it was a medical or currency area if it was an approaching
currency expiration?

i noticed there is a warning yellow flag under the 121 and 135 lookback sections of the tutorial videos, but there doesn't appear to be that in the currency section nor the history items section.

again, not a high priority, just a thought of something that seems missing.
As to the video on the iPhone, I'll check into it but I'm thinking it's going to be too small to be of any value. As to the alerts, definitely room for a future capability there, probably in a v2 line though.
before i do this wrong and make a mistake i'd rather ask. if i have a whole trip of flights pre-entered as pending and have flown one day of them and synced and verified that day's flights on the pc. i'm viewing the synced flights only and tap purge, will that delete all my pre-entered flights too, or just the synced ones (only the ones in view at that time). the prompt says "delete all flights". it would make me unhappy if it deleted all my pre-entered ones too.

YES - it will delete ALL flights per the phrase it's prompting you. Thanks for bringing this up in a round about way. I'll add a feature request to the task tracker (which I'll implement today) for 1.0.5 to have a two tier purge: 1) Purge ALL 2) Purge Synced

Good idea! But do NOT purge if you have pending flights.