Logbook Pro is now Logbook Pro Pro?


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May 16, 2004
So when I bought Logbook Pro "Standard", I got the whole program, it just didn't have support for a PDAand I can only put it on one computer, sounds fair enough. Now I need Logbook Pro "Pro" so I can get 121/135 currency with the "new" 1.9.8 update. What's up? I think you better start calling it "Logbook" and "Logbook Pro." I'm very disappointed since I just bought the program thinking it had everything I needed as a professional aviator, I just didn't need the functionality of using it on a PDA and I only needed it on one computer.


I apologize but we have yet to charge an upgrade in the 7 years Logbook Pro has been out. With the continuous additions and free updates, lately with specific additions focused for corporate flyers, we reclassified the FAR 121/135 features to the Professional Edition. You are not required to upgrade to version 1.9.8, nor is the background updater downloading the new update, this is your choice. If you wish to continue using for the FAR 121 data, that is entirely up to you. If you wish to upgrade to version 1.9.8 and use the improvedFAR 121 capabilities and the new FAR 135 capabilities, a small $39 upgrade is all that is required. Again, this is an optional update, not mandatory in any regard.

I appreciate your feedback. This topic was discussed at length with the beta team involved in this development and it was agreed that this was a warranted reclassification. Even if the upgrade was $1, I'm sure we'd have people complain as that seems to be the nature, we all want everything for free. Instead, we hope we will find people that are happy we included the new functionality into Logbook Pro to save time and appreciate the work we continue to provide our Logbook Pro community. I'm sure the $39 upgrade doesn't come close to the value in time it takes for people to determine the information the new update to Logbook Pro provides.