Logbook Pro Survey: Maintenance Integration?

Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001
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Should Logbook Pro version 2 include the option to log Aircraft Maintenance or should it be a separate software altogether?

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Perhaps you could develop some sort of add-on or plug-in for Logbookpro that would do the maintenance thing. Ideally, you could offer it as a stand-alone program OR as a Logbookpro plug-in. But since I'm not sure if that is possible I voted to leave it off. I would personally rather see you continue to develop Logbookpro as a pilot logbook (With a strong and full featured PPC companion). I'd rather see Logbookpro be the most powerful logbook possible rather than several different programs that do lots of different things just so-so.
Including a section for maintenance would be perfect for the private owner like myself. As suggested perhaps it could be included in the purchase but only installed if a person wishes it. Nothing too fancy, just a simple area where we could track useful information and possibly run a report from. The more complete the software is the better I say, I hate having to run multiply programs when one could possibly do the entire job.
I voted yes, put it in the same program, if for no other reason, than to make it easier to get a single currency report that shows both the pilot and the aircraft's currency.

It is not that big a deal if they are seperate however, but since you asked... /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

As I posted earlier this year on the V2 forum what I would like is to have the capability to track maintenance items like currencies. The way currencies are set up currently you can't trigger things based on hours. As an owner some things I would like to trigger are:

Oil changes- set a customer field to indicate an oil change
Have it alert me after a certain number of hours of flight time had been acumulated since that point.

AD's- Same as oil changes for things that have a certain number of hours between intervals. Or after a time interval such as one year had elapsed.
Just to add to my reply. I would need to keep a written log with signoffs from my A&P IA so a maintenance function in LBP would not have value to me beyond getting alerted that maintenance items were due.
I agree with others who have suggested that a maintenance log would be a useful addition to the logbook. Making some assumptions regarding theunderlying database structure, l expect the addition of several new fields, using the programming logic attached to thecurrency fields (so that reminders or warnings prior to expiration would appear), in a new panel / page would be quite reasonable. In fact, it could be an option that would only appear or unlock based on password / registration code, etc.

Neil, thanks for a well thought out program.