LogBook Pro will not run


Feb 9, 2004
I was having problem with LogBook Pro freezing so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now when I try to launch the program it says it is already running even though it's not. I can't do anything. I go to task manager and close everything then try again and still get message that the program is already running.

I have had the program since last Christmas with no problems. Now all of a sudden since update I have had continuous problems. The icon does not show up on the task bar so as you have suggested to others, I can not maximize it.

Any ideas?
Is it showing in the Windows Taskbar (bottom of your screen)? If so, simply right-click this taskbar icon and choose Maximize.

Okay. I got it running. Now I am again having the same problem that I uninstalled and reinstalled it for in the beginning.

When I launch it, and try to "restore backup file". It appears to work but then afterwards it says that "Your logbook will now be updated to take advantage of several new features". If you hit okay you get the message that it is "building new structure" and then it freezes; if you hit cancel, the program closes.

I need help. I need to download my September information and can't do anything. Any suggestions.
I have tried to attach the last two backups we did to an email and send it to support but can't. Apparently the problem may be with the backup disk? Since I uninstalled and reinstalled the program, is there going to be any way to get my information back without this or am I stuck starting all over?