Manually edit FDP end


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Sep 1, 2013
Haven't had to do this yet. Is there any way to manually edit a FDP end time?

We were done leg 2 of 4 today and had a maintenance issue. We were still planning to fly so were on the FDP clock. We had to do some maintenance engine runs and then wound up canceling. I manually changed the last two legs to cancel and APDL automatically ended my FDP at the block in time of my last flown flight. Since we weren't actually done our FDP for another 1:30 how can I change my FDP end time? The only thing I am manually able to change (that I can find) is my duty end time, not my FDP end.

Any ideas?
I would build a flight and then make it Non-Flying Duty. What do you think?
I assume you get paid for doing the engine run.
I tried that. That created a leg which changed duty and pay, but didn't change the FDP end time.
We get paid for it but it won't matter since its greater of what we did or what cancelled so we will just get paid for what cancelled.
What about making a new payroll category and just apply to legality.
Well if non flying duty didn't work and that had apply to legality checked I don't think creating a new one would either.
The best practice right now is to create a dummy segment (set to block?) with the out/in set to your desired FDP end time. The issue with this is that it affects your duty day since it adds your release time to this new segment. So pick which you want to be more accurate.
Thanks. I can do that and then afterwards just manually edit the duty time since it will allow me to change that.
Upon reviewing this (in light of a new interpretation), I failed to realize and mention that what I suggested above adds a new segment (in APDL) so it will affect all legality calculations. So use with caution.