MEL and MES for same aircraft type


Sep 27, 2004
one more question:

if i flew a certain aircraft type as both a MEL category/class and a MES category/class, is it possible for logbook pro to make that distinction?

again, this falls under the Aircraft Options menu, i believe. so far, i have been able to select only MEL or MES for a certain aircraft type... (as an example, consider the dehavilland twin otter DHC-6-300)...

thanks again!

This one is going to be corrected in version 2 and has been in many discussions over the past year. What we're planning is a root 'Type' then sub-types, for example Type X as the root, then a -P as the sub-Type. Okay, let me try putting this in english:

Cessna 172 would be the main Type, then the models could/would be sub-Types and even one called Amphib. So for now, this is an issue that cannot be resolved UNLESS you specify it as a separate Type and log it as such. The only down side, which is extremely minor, is you'd have to add the different Type summaries for the 'root type' totals. It's minor and how many do it now. Same with SIM's, they put Type X and Type X-SIM as two separate Types.



okay- that worked well for me: i entered another type for the sim and everything seems cool.

for version 2, do you see the sub-types to be pre-set, or can we specify our own sub type? (such as Cessna 172 (Type) with Hawk XP (as Sub-Type which would be a SES rather than SEL category/class)

i'm guessing it'll be user input ... which would be good.

User-defined. Our motto is to NEVER hard code the program to a fixed set of items if we can prevent it. We try not to build against FAR's but make things flexible and that goes with other aspects of the program as well.