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.NET Framework requirement for Pocket PC Companion

yankee clipper

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Jul 1, 2006
Different pages of the website and newsletters mention MS .NET Framework 1.1 vs. 2.0 as a requirement for Logbook Pro Pocket PC companion, which is correct?
Is .NET COMPACT Framework 2.0 standard issue on a Dell X51v?

If yes, where do I find it on the PDA?

If not, from where and how do I download it?
No, it is not installed on ANY PPC. You can do the quick install from this URL. The next update, coming out hopefully by the end of this week will have two install choices, one with and one without the Compact Framework v2 in it.
.NET COMPACT Framework on Windows Mobile 2003 and later, e.g. Mobile 5

I found this previous thread.

Did I misunderstand your reply to my query about .NET COMPACT Framework on a Windows Mobile 5 PPC (Dell Axim x51v)? Or is the answer to the 29 May thread misunderstood?

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Trying to install Pocket PC Edition - Missing Components/.NET Compact Framework, etc.
The Pocket PC edition requires the Microsoft .NET Compact framework. The .NET Compact Framework is included in Windows Mobile 2003 and later. For devices throwing an error due to an outdated or missing version, please download the latest Microsoft .NET Compact Framework to update your Pocket PC/Windows Mobile device.
Neal Culiner
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That is an item from the APDL section most likely as APDL uses .NET Compact Framework version 1. .NET Compact Framework version 1 *is* installed on most Pocket PC's now. However, .NET Compact Framework Version 2 is not.