New airport routes do not display on map


Jan 29, 2004
Houston, TX
Has anybody else experienced this? I added a new airport this weekend, OSA for Mount Pleasant Regional in Mount Pleasant, TX. I can have the program search for the airport on the route map and it finds and displays it correctly, but the program will not draw the route on the map. I've tried manually through Map/Display a Route, and through the automatic mapping when it loads my logbook pro database.
Make sure you can plot the airport using the Display a Route option from the Map menu. Enter that airport and another that you know works to see the plot. If it shows up there correctly, your logbook should plot correctly also. If it doesn't, it most likely means that you have entered the lat/long incorrectly. Look at the help file for formatting information on the lat/long coordinates. You may have to perform a little math to convert the coordinates correctly.
I fly international quite a bit and find it useful to use this website to add new airports that are not in the FlightCentral database.

Just change the airport code at the end of the URL to get what you need.

For the Lat/Long use this format:
23-09-07N and 109-43-16W

I hope this helps.