New Time colums in an existing Logbook


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Apr 19, 2003
Hi Again,

I have set two new columns in my LogbookPro. SEL and MEL. The aircraft I fly are configured as SEL and MEL. How can I get those times from the past which I have logged, in these new colums as well ? Do I have to do this manually or can I use an option ?

You should notcreate aircraft specific columns, i.e. ASEL, AMEL (Category and Class) to the log area. Logbook Pro takes the information configured in Options...Aircraft and merges that with your flight log entries to determine your aircraft specific flight summaries.

It's important to completely configure each aircraft type in Options...Aircraft to get the most out of Logbook Pro. Once you do so, view the reports and the Analyzer to see the Type specific information, such as the Aircraft Configuration Totals Summary under the Aircraft menu in the reports section.


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Hi Neal,

accoring JAR-OPS I need the colum ASEL and AMEL in my Logbook as a Column, so I did not enter those columns in the past. In the Options Menu I have edit new time fields i.e. ASEL and AMEL. I wonder if there is an option to redo all my Logbook Entries now. For Example my old Entry SA227 will be automatically AMEL time. The configuration in the aircraft oprions is correct.

You can certainly add custom columns, however, Logbook Pro is going to calculate the Type specific configuration data for you, which should match anyways.

One thing to consider, the printouts such as the Jeppesen style, will display this data for you. So the question is 'do you have to have the columns for data entry' or just the 'output?' I think the answer, although I'm not JAR expert, is to have it printed out. So check out the Jeppesen report (and other flight log reports) and see how that looks and I think you'll see the printout has you covered. You can always customize the Jepp and MGO ent. templates too.

Any JAR experts feel free to reply to help out, if this issue is still open.

Neal Culiner
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Hi !

You are quick with teh reply ! Thank you, great job !

The output will be OK, but for myself I would like to have the tool
in my data entry
Maybe you can think about this for Version 2.0.