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    We are giving a green light on iOS 17 for all of our iOS apps.

Resolved No weather on the weather map


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APDL Beta Team
Feb 8, 2002
Upgraded to iOS9 two days ago. today's the first day with APDL the weather map does not display any weather and the bottom right says refresh required.
Thanks. Any luck finding alternative or regionalized weather for these short hops?


It seems like the weather is not working again.
Not fixed yet, still working on the issue. I'll post here when it's full up again. As to the regionalized weather -- I don't see anything short term on the radar for that (pun intended) - the weather radar is at the bottom of the totem poll.
That's normal, the weather is meant to be viewed from a United States full zoom level. When looking at smaller regions like this we'd have to get more regionalized slices but that is far far far far off in our priority list right now. You get the gist "there is weather at Tucson" which is its intent. Now the fact there is "weather at Tucson" is another story :)