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Jun 26, 2005
Bloomington, IL
On a number of occasions now, I have started LogBook Pro and found the fields displayed in the spreadsheet view to be totally differnt than what I expect to see. There are fields such as "Entry Time" and "Log ID" and many others that begin with "optXXX". It appears as though my log file has been corrupted or has been read in incorrectly. I thought at first this had something to do with compacting, so I quit doing that for a while. The problem just seems to show up every now and then.

I have been able to restore normal operation each time by copying my backup file (saved nightly) back into the working directory, but one of these days I may not be so fortunate. Anyone else had this issue? Solution?

Karl Laun
Bloomington, IL

Logbook Pro v 1.10.40
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1
Dell XPS 420 / 4GB RAM
Hi Karl,

It sounds like you need a good reset of your layout and then you should be fine from there. Restoring a backup is not the best approach as the problem is just being carried forward. Click here for instructions.
Just applied the 1.10.42 update and got the greyed-out spreadsheet view.

Will the next version of LogBook Pro have some method for saving my layout, column size, headings, etc? It's a fairly lengthy process to reset everything to "just right" and it makes me reluctant to apply any kind of changes for fear that I will have to start over once again.
Yes, we are aware that a lot of the customizations and layout information is not transferred with the backup, which is something we are improving in our next version. So to do seamless transfer to your new computer which includes your layout configurations, preferences, etc., follow the steps below. These steps involve using your computer's registry and if done wrong, well you know, can cause problems and my name to be shouted paired with a few not so nice words!!! So please follow these steps carefully!

- Open the Registry Editor by clicking Start...Run and typing in REGEDIT then click OK.
- Expand VB and VBA Program Settings

You'll see a few entries on the left side with the name "Logbook Pro" in it. Typically there are two: "Logbook Pro" and then "Logbook Pro {Your Data File Name}". For example, if my data file is named "NCSoftware.lbk" then I'll see an entry "Logbook Pro NCSoftware" and this is the one you want! Select this entry then click the File...Export menu option. Save this file and transfer this file to your new computer, then double-click it and answer YES when prompted. Your settings are now transferred from your old computer to your new computer!


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