PDA install problems for Dell Axim with Mobile Windows 2003 Second Edition


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Sep 3, 2004

I recently purchased the new Dell Axim PDA, with the WM Second Edition. The program installs, but I cannot import my logbook. Also, I installed the latest AppForge driver for my PDA, and retryed the process--no luck.

I have Uninstalled everything, and tried per your web guidance. Still no luck.

Any suggestions??


Confirm you have entered your PDA Companion registration code on both the PDA and PC?


I'm not sure what you may be expecting for importing of your logbook. The PPC Companion is an 'add-only' system where you add flights to your PDA then upload/sync them to your PC. So add a few flights on your PPC, then do an ActiveSync, then in PDA Companions\Pocket PC Companion you'll click the Import menu option to bring in your PDA data. Also ensure you are using, the latest version.


It's been a while...

Here is my dilemma with my LB Pro/Dell Axim X30 compatibility.

1. I just downloaded the latest version of LB Pro.

2. I just "re-loaded" (or attempted to...) my PDA software on to the PPC.

3. Here is what I am getting: (BTW, I am following the loading instructions exactly as printed)

a. I reinstalled the PDA companion on to my PPC.

b. When finished, I get the prompt: "The program you have installed may not display properly because it was designed for a previous version of Windows Mobile."

c. When I try to open LB Pro on my PPC, I get the message: "Error:-2147206501. The database to which you are trying to connect does not exist."

4. I cannot ever get to the phase whereby I can import/export anything to the computers LB Pro. So, I have a PDA companion loaded on my PDA that cannot open.



The database problem is most likely a result of the ActiveSync 3.7.1 bug which will not pass the database to your Pocket PC if you are doing a reinstall without cleaning the Pocket PC files first. Please follow these steps in performing a reinstall on your Pocket PC. There should be no problem with your using Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, it just offers display features.