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Windows Mobile & PDA Sync problems


New member
May 16, 2006
Observations with New Version of PDA Logbook Pro 1.10.8 as follows. Any input appreciated :)

On my old device, the Compaq iPaq 3970 PPC 2003 device:

Installs fine both MS.NET compact framework v 2 and new version 1.10.8 of PPC. But:

0. During Data entry the flight time does not automatically sum up the times.

1. After sync from PPC to PC the time field blocks (out,off,on and in) are BLANK and total time in error (e.x.6.1hours displayed as 31hours)

2. In PPC when selecting ”Log Stats” Error: an unexpected error has occurred in Logbook Pro.exe. Select quit and then restart this program, or select Details for more information. When I do a Logbook Pro.exe OverflowExeption at (with a lot of text that I am unable to copy and paste)

3.Unable to purge data. Unit retains date, type, departure , destination and leg…

On my new device the Qtek S200 a Windows Mobile device, have a look at ( http://www.myqtek.com/europe/products/s200.aspx ) for more info:

Installs fine both MS.NET compact framework v 2 and new version 1.10.8 of PPC. But:

0. After PPC software is started, regardless of selecting ”Data Entry:” or ”Reports:” an info box labeled PC Data Missing, appears and informs me that ”Unable to locate Logbook Pro data from PC. Start then close logbook Pro on you PC to send data to this device automatically”
I have of coursed tried this many times, without results.

Anyone, Please give me some tips on how to resolve these problems.