Jun 22, 2005
I'm trying to use the PDA companion and its not taken my companion Key code for the logbook pocket Pc you guys provided. It worked with the PDA and the key code for the logbook worked. How do I fix this?
Hello Chuck,

The most common issue is using the wrong PDA program. We have two separate programs for PDA's: Logbook Pro's PDA Companion and Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook. Please ensure you are using the correct one per the key code purchased. APDL has a "AirlineLog" on the PDA, Logbook Pro has "Logbook Pro" for Pocket PC, and "Lbk Pro" on Palm OS to launch the programs. Be sure when registering your software to enter your NAME and Unlock Code exactly as it appears on your invoice.

If you need additional support, please submit a support ticket and include the registration information you are using.

Ok, I didn't realize that you have two different programs with the windows for the PDA. I have the Package deal! Logbook Pro Professional and the Airline Pilots Daily logbook PC.

Know that we got that straight. How do you get this Pda to sink with the logbook then? I have the PDA in the craddle and it is not transfering any data to the logbook?