Please help - cannot get backup logbook to open.


New member
Oct 10, 2004
I saved my logbook on my home computer and cleaned my laptop. I reloaded the logbook pro program on my laptop and tried to open my saved logbook. It reopened my saved logbook on the laptop (it ran the update during this time)but when I opened it, it asked to create an aircraft history - I had to type an aircraft into the database otherwise it wouldn't let me open logbookpro. Then I didn't have any information in the logbook (that I could see). All totals for time were 0 and there was no history. Did I lose my logbook?! I have upgraded to the vs. My logbook was saved under a "Logbook Pro Data File" and it is 2.3 mb in size so there has to be information there, I just can't see it. Please help.

I'm not sure how you 'saved' your logbook as there is no save operation in Logbook Pro. The proper way to do what you needed was to create a backup (File..Archive..Backup) the restore it after reinstalling Logbook Pro. Try restoring a recent backup and see if that resolves your issue. If not, please fill out a support request and we'll gladly assist. If you have a LBK file, attach a ZIP compressed archive of your LBK file, otherwise attach your recent backup (BAK) file for review.