Program Locks When Trying to edit logbook


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APDL Beta Team
Apr 27, 2004
I cant add or view anything in my logbook. Its just frozen. The other stuff works i think. I also cant even check my version via the abouty under help or print anything. Whenever i try nothing happens and i have to hard shutdown via task manager.
Ill give this a try. I'm still having issues after a reinstall. Right now anytime i press a window that has a pop-up behind it (ie approaches and type) it locks up. I have to end task via task manager and open back up. its very very touchy.
Make sure video drivers are up to date.
I was thinking this is possibly the issue. My video card isnt behaving in this laptop. The driver is up to date but the laptop keeps defaulting to onboard graphics and ignoring that fact there is even a GPU. Im long overdue for a new one.