Split Style Report Not Showing All Right Pages


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Jan 25, 2008
I'm trying to print my logbook and I'm using the "Split Report Commander and Full-size Series" but the RIGHT pages are only showing up in the combined tab for about the 1st 3rd of the report (no matter the date range of the report). In order to view all RIGHT pages I have to view it in the right tab. The problem is not fixed when the report is exported. The page numbers remain correct (i.e. the even numbered pages are missing).

Additionally I cannot export in Excel .XLS format. I have Microsoft Excel 2010 installed.

Your help is appreciated!

EDIT: Only the left & combined reports can be exported. Nothing happens when I attempt to export the right pages. I had the idea of exporting the right & left pages into separate PDFs then combining them.
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Sounds like the margins got screwed up for one side. After running your split-report, click on LEFT tab on lower left, then go to the option button on the sub-toolbar and choose the reset option, then do the same for the rights, close out of the report then re-run it.
Followed the steps, same result. I'm emailing support back and forth. Hopefully they can figure it out.