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Printing left sides?


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Jan 7, 2004

Well I'm printing out my logbook and pages 100 to 200 duplex printed fine but when I put the pages back in to print on the back side my printer freaked so I had to cancel the print. Now I need to print just the left sides but I cant figure out how to print just the left side of the logbook. I'm using jepp style split and started with the combined report. So I have all the even pages printed from 100 to 200 but need to print the odd from 101 to 199.

How do I get LBP to print just the odd pages? I have looked in the help but all it says it you can print left or right. If I click on the left tab then print I still need to enter the page range from 101 to 199 but it prints the even pages too.

Ok if i click on the left tab then enter pages 101-199 it will print the left side but it starts on 201 I can not get it to print page 101? I'm looking at the page number on the report?
Ok i think I got it. I have to print 51-101 because its only using half the pages. Man printing this out is harded then learning how to fly.