Please, somesort of Autobackup


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Mar 30, 2007
Hi, I've had my data reset twice now, to the defults..due to a corrupt APDL something something xl file. I don't recall exactly the name of the corrupt file. Whatever it is, it causes APDL to reset everything to!

But, in both bad...I was the cause of the problem.

Each time the situation was I had psuhed the wrong button, starting it started, I went oops don't want to start's push I hit the X to close it down...I use Spb Pocket hitting the X truly shuts down the you guess it. If the APDL is loading and you abort the process...corrupt data....loose planes, airports etc.

So, I'm asking if it would be possible to add some sort of an Autobackup feature, so that even though your data may get least you have the data from the previous loading of the program.

Something similiar to Quicken or others, were it asks you were you would like to store the backup. If possible, make the data available to the storage card.

If, that is not possible, perhaps some trap or something..that if you accidently hit the close button during loading of the APDL files....I screen pops up saying you idiot, if you do'll corrupt your data....continue.

Thanks for your consideration.

When the PDA Wizard syncs APDL to Logbook Pro, it COPIES the data off the Pocket PC to C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro\APDL Pocket PC\{8 digit id}. So in effect, the data is copied to the PC as of the last sync.

You should be able to copy the files you need back onto your pocket pc.
Eric ,Please reconsider

Eric, I know you responded over 2 years ago. But, I had the corrupt file thing agin. This time, not my fault.

Luckily, after jumping htrough your re-register data was still intact.

I had over 2 years of data. I don't use Logbook Pro at tis time. I try and do backups. After last night, I'll try and make double sure I back up the APDL folderon my PDA.

That said, rather than putting the complete onus on the user to have backups;please reconsider an auto backup or something similiar; that would save to the sd card perhaps.

It doesn't give a comfortable feeling, knowing your software has such a critical file, that if corrupted; can wipe out everythig. Having your data automaticaly backed up ala quicken etc.....would sure give me better confidence of not worrying about my data. especially when it's over a long period.

Thanks once again, for consideration...for those of us not using LBP.

Perhaps, just a simple save data button, that will save everything in the APDL folder.

Hello David,

When you use the PDA Wizard in Logbook Pro it does backup your data. Palm data is brought to the PC via HotSync, Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) data is copied to your PC prior to performing the sync. If you want to ensure your PDA data is backed up and protected from lost, stolen, or failed devices, I strongly encourage you to bring Logbook Pro into use. We also offer a web backup system that works with Logbook Pro backups which we started offering last month. For details click here.