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Jun 13, 2004
southern cal.

Ok so i will try and explain... In the route section of my logbook i always put my comercial flight number for the day. I uasually fly about 7 legs per day and don't want to ender each 7 legs because my logbook would become huge very quickly.. So in the remarks section i uasualy put what where the flight went (for ex.. RIC-ATL-GNV-ORL-TEB-RIC) I uasually am a bit lazy and don't want to type all of this so i copy it from the previous entry and paste it into the remarks section...

Here is where the problem is.. When in the windows log input form and pasting the flight segments into the remarks section, right after i paste this into this section it changes the 'Route of Flight' at the top to read '&paste' every time. Then i have to go back up to the top and change the route of flight back to the original route of flight that i had posted in there.. (Comercial flight #) Why is it doing this??

Thank you for your help..


This came up in beta testing by one of the testers but it could never be duplicated. I will try to follow the steps you outlined to figure out why this is happening. Thank you for reporting this, I will add this back to the bug list for review.

Under the Drop-down Menus on top, the Help then About Logbook Pro has a Shift+F2 hotkey, which brings up my certificates. Then if I just click it, nothing happens...