Printing for MGOent logbook


Mar 9, 2004
After numerous hours of plugging away imputing my data from my other logbooks and transferring data from my airlinelogbook (PDA) I finally have the Logbook Pro 100% completed. I ordered the Premier MGOent desk model logbook. Using FinePrint as suggested in an earlier posting I was able to get my completed and up to date logbook printed out using the MGOent Premier template. It looks great and is over 200 pages so it took a long time to print, etc.

When I received my MGOent desk model logbook it's dimensions were 10 x 6 1/2 actual and not 10 x 7 as published and the printed log from Logbook Pro is 6 1/4 from top to bottom of the table and 6 1/2 including the page number. This leaves my pages unprotected as after they are cropped to size will be the same, or slightly larger than the book itself.

My question is, my logbook came in a box stating it was the Premier but I feel it is the Old Word version by accident. Am I correct in this estimation?

I've emailed for support and received a quick response from NC Software that they were going to forward it to MGOent, but haven't had a response as of yet, and I'm going out of town again tomorrow for another 5 days and would like to get this resolved as quickly as possible, without reprinting my whole logbook out again using the Old World MGOent template (even more pages to print)!

Please advise

I'm happy that Logbook Pro is working out for you. As mentioned in your first e-mail inquiry, I forwarded your e-mail to MGOent for response immediately with my response to you. I received your second inquiry, but there's nothing I can do, the case has been forwarded to MGOent. MGOent. will contact you and ensure you receive the correct binder if in fact there was a mistake.

Keep in mind if printing on regular paper (not the MGOent. perforated, hole punched paper) the pages must be trimmed exactly on the black borders (just outside) and leave only enough space on the ring side to punch holes for rings.

Again, your case was immediately forwarded to MGOent and they will respond to you as soon as they can.