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Printing formats


Mar 29, 2005
Hi Neal

Firstly I have spent a great deal of time working out if Logbook Pro is right for me, Im grateful your demo version is not time or useage limited, the max entries limit works well. Also your support and the obvious continuous product refinements mean Im going to purchase this program over others. Thanks.
Couple of questions for you.
I wish to print the logbook as close to the Australian format logbook as possible, the only way I can think to do this is to arrange the spreadsheet layout (ie column, widths, locations and titles) the way I want them to print and then disable the spreadsheet columns I dont want to print by using DISPLAY CONFIG OPTIONS. Then print using the LOGBOOK PRO STANDARD print layout. This layout does not look anywhere as nice as the Jepp or MOGent layouts however. I have tried using these and the arrangement of these does not fit with what I need. Is there anyway other way? The ability to change the column widths for printing in the MOGent and Jepp formats would be sweet.

I noted in an earlier post you replied that user defined column titles are not synced to the PDA version. If I have moved columns around(in spreadsheet) and 'disabled from view' some columns (as discussed above) will the data in the PDA version be imported correctly, ie does it matter if the spreadsheet is played with? I can't test this in the demo version.

Thank you for your kind words, I look forward to working with you even more beyond this to ensure the next version of Logbook Pro can suit your needs exactly. Please provide any samples of the Australian formats and requirements either to our Wish List forum or via a support ticket attaching a zip file of examples.

Any formatting or disabling of columns on the PC in no way affects the PDA, so don't worry about that. It sounds like you have the printing system figured out well, also take a look at the custom template (report designer)features and see if they may suit your needs as well.

Hi Again
I have now purchased Logbook pro and have sent you a copy of the Aussie logbook. Could you advise if an update is planned to allow more advanced changes to the printing templates in the Jepp and Mogent layouts ie adding/subtracting or widening/narrowing of columns? This would be an excellent addition as these are by far thebest looking layouts when printed.

One of the benefits to me of the LOGBOOK PRO STANDARD print layout is that the logbook can be printed with monthly totals, which I dont believe is available in the Jepp and Mogent layouts.

Actually if the LOGBOOK PRO STANDARD print layouts could be printed with the same professional type of finish as the Jepp and Mogent layouts it would make it easy to customise the logbook.

I just got your e-mail, I'll review. Please use our Wish List forum to provide suggestions on how to improve Logbook Pro in the future to best accommodate your requirements.

Welcome to Logbook Pro.