Printing Problem Solved!


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Sep 8, 2003
In my recent post, I expressed my problems and concerns about the print engine in Logbook Pro. Neal was very quick to help me resolve my printing issues via email and forum. Kudos and much appreciation for that Neal. Of course, I couldn't let the problem go unsolved. So I decided to really try to figure out the issues I was having with my printer.

I first thought to try a different printer directly connected to my laptop. But that still won't solve my issue of wanted to print out on my LaserJet 2200dtn on the network. So then it occurred to me that the 2200 has a postscript driver. Thinking that my margin issues might just be with the PCL driver under XP Pro. So I downloaded the PS driver for the 2200dtn and configured a port to print right to the IP address of the printer - just like I have it now with the PCL driver. Went through the basic settings and configured some logical default settings. Opened up the report generator and selected my custom template for the Universal report for perforated paper and took a shot at it on plain paper. The margins look like they held and I was damn close. So I did some hard measurements and adjusted the margins taking off the Lbkpro option for duplexing; the thought being to let the PS driver handle the duplexing and setting the margins. And voila! It worked! Perfect duplex output of my logbook!!
I set up the defaults for the PS driver to be duplex, flip on the short edge. These I set as the defaults for the printer and not a saved setting. I could go back and try it again with the PCL driver. Maybe XP was having difficulty conveying the printer settings via a saved printer config. I don't know. All I do know is that it works and I now have a way to print out my logbook on nice paper.

Thanks for your recent help Neal. If anyone requires more information on what I did, please don't hesitate to email me or post a question here.