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New member
Mar 7, 2008
How do I print my logbook so that the pages print out like an actual log book? For example, page 1, page 2, page 3 prints on the back of page 2, page 4, page 5 prints on the back of 4 etc.. etc..

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
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Nov 14, 2001

You can do this easily in Logbook Pro. In Logbook Pro click Help...Contents and review the Reports topics, specifically the Split-Reports topic.

What you do is run the split-report series of reports by clicking Reports..Flight Log..Split-Reports..Jeppesen style. Set your date filter. On the bottom you'll see three tabs; Left Side, Right Side, and Combined. If you have a duplex printer (front/back printing) click the Combined tab. On the toolbar click the option to insert a leading blank page, answer YES when prompted to swap margins.

Take time and experiment. When printing you do not have to print all pages, you can set a print range of say 1-5, etc.

If you'd like us to print your Logbook Pro data for you feel free to check out our turn-key printing services. Also review the video tutorials 4000/4100 for printing topics.