PROBLEM Unable to Save Partial Flight data in IOS App


New member
Sep 4, 2014
I routinely fly with an IPAD and would like to be able to JUST enter my beginning flight info (Out and Take Off Times) along with route and legs at the beginning of my flight. and be able to click Save (I get an error saying Problems with out/in or takeoff/landing times). I don't have my landing times at the beginning of the flight so I am forced to put bogus landing times to save the 'partial' record.

In addition when I go back to put in my actual landing times it does not recalculate the cost factor even though duration, PIC, etc times are updated.
Hello John,

Check "Pending Flight" if it's a future flight. If you want to bypass error checking you can turn it off in Settings/Flight Log.

Some fields will not change if a value exists as we can't tell if you explicitly set a value and don't want to change it. You can clear it then it will recalc/autofill.
That did the trick, thanks for the help. A low priority suggestion: Rename 'Error Checking' to 'Allow Save Partial Flight Log Entries' (or something like that) to clarify what that setting does. The term 'Error Checking' in many peoples mind should always be checked on because who wants errors in their flight logs