Push and taxi times


New member
Nov 2, 2004
Is there any way to add a couple of custom columns that are similar to the on and off columns? I am looking for a way to enter taxi times with no takeoff, for aircraft relocation purposes. Obviously this does not count for flight time, butmy company pays for it, so I would like a way of tracking it. Similarly, we are paid starting with our pushback, but this also does not count for flight time. I would lke to be able to have custom columns for this that have a place to enter exact times with the clock type function. Is this possible?

The OUT and IN columns are the same as push back or gate to gate times. You can configure the Duration calculation system in Options...Flight Log (halfway down, far right area). However, there are no custom 'time' columns available, you could use custom TEXT columns to hold the information for you reference. Obviously no calculations can be made, but at least it allows you to log the information for your own calculations OR export to Microsoft Excel (or other spreadsheet program) that you can run calculations on external to Logbook Pro.

Hope this helps...