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Feb 18, 2004
Hoping someone can help. I have a years worth of flights to add to the logbook pro. And there are a few things I want tofix/change.</o:p>
I enter a whole days worth of flights on each line. When I get to the next line I would like:</o:p>
1. It to enter the next calendar day, or nothing at all. (This may not be a huge problem once I get to use it for current entry's)

2. It to put the same tail number from the previous day or nothing if there was no flight the day prior. This is just common sense.</o:p>

3. To stop filling in the same route of flight from the entry prior. This is EXTREMELY annoying and pointless.
The more I use this the more it looks like it is aimed at GA type of entry's vs. daily use. Please tell me my "newness" to this program is causing my frustration. I would hate toeat the cost of this program.
Hello Chris,

Re: #1 - The default behavior of Logbook Pro is to remember your previously entered information and use that for the next entry. For the Date field, you can tab into it and press the letter 't' for today's date or 'p' for the previously used date, then hit the + or - keys to scroll the dates.

Re: #2 - It will remember the last tail number used for the particular type. Not many people fly the same tail number the next day as the day prior so I disagree about this being common sense, this is actually not a common occurence (others chime in if I'm wrong)

Re: #3 - Many people fly the same routes day to day so that is the most common solution. The recent 15 routes are available in the drop down which you can click/select or press F4 to drop down the field when active.

Thank you for your feedback. I'm sure once you get more comfortable with the program you'll enjoy the automation built in.

Thanks for getting back so quick.

The date problem will go away when I am caught up.

As for aircraft tail number, I can see how this may be different depending on who you work for and what you do. In my previous life, I would usually started and ended a trip (mulit day commuter trip) with the same tail. Now in the fractional world, we usually keep the same tail the whole trip . Also, you said that not many people fly the same tail. So why should it default to some random tail from a stored list and not just carry it over? Seeing that you will have to enter a new one anyways. The odds a better that you may have the same plane, than a random one from the list, so why not at least carry it over.

And as for routing, you are correct, airlines do fly the same routes, but it always shows the same route as the prevous day. So, unless you are doing a round robin, this does not work. Yes the drop list will help in this matter. I guess I am SOL in this area seeing that we rarely do the same route in a month.

Thanks again for listening. Most company's would not even care once the product is sold.
I am certainly listening, thinking, and taking notes on how to implement this type of functionality in version 2 that's in the works. Some good points and more flexibility, so it's just a matter of 'learning' another user experience that hopefully I can customize/option version 2 to handle. Thanks again for the inputs/feedback. Please keep your ideas coming in the Wish List forum with clear details/examples and that will ensure the best opportunity for the next version.