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May 26, 2009
I have use computer logbooks for a long time, Logbook Pro since 2009, but prior to that another program well into the 90's. While I like logbook pro there is one item I seriously miss about my older program.

Recently I received some news concerning an individual I thought I may have flown with in the past. I went to logbook pro to search his name and discovered that the only way I could find him was to scroll through entries. A long and tedious task when you have almost 8500 entries logged. Since my logbook represents a personal story of my career, I have made a few personal columns and entries that I like to log. Like who I flew with, atlantic or pacific crossings, ect.

In my previous logbook if I wanted to know how many hours I flew with Jimmy John, at night, in 2011 across the Atlantic, I could build a report that told me exactly that information. Since it was nothing more then a database record all you needed to do is build a query that requested that information. Any information that had a column in your logbook was fair game for a report, and the report would filter that column information for specifics like names if needed.

I would like to see logbook pro have more report flexibility to include the ability to build reports containing information in personally added columns and filter that information if needed.



As Eric stated, our next version will do this very nicely! "Sometime next year" is all we can say for now, but know your v1 data will port to it just fine and you'll be amazed at what you can do such as your scenario.

Thank you for using Logbook Pro.
On a few threads I have seen you state that there is a Version 2 coming and that it will be amazing and will hopefully fix all the single page printing issues, search issues, and deleting columns on reports ability. One thread from 2 years ago you stated 6-9 months and here you state next year in a post from just under two years ago! Is there a magical Version 2 coming or not? I am trying to decide if I am going to stay with Logbook pro or not and need some answers. Thanks Jason

We provide updates via our newsletter regarding development and roadmaps. We've been working on Logbook Pro Desktop vNext a number of years. Long ago it was a smaller update, we took a different direction with a much bigger scope for the product. We then had to divert resources to mobile and put the Logbook Pro Desktop vNext at a lower priority as our v1 product is rock solid and satisfies most of our users. Desktop vNext is coming along well, we don't offer dates as you have mentioned here, we cannot predict software development accurately or detours such as we have done with the explosion of iOS and Android over the recent years. We are also putting a huge effort into our new APDL product for FAR 117 support as airlines switch over the first of the year and we want to ensure our airline pilots have the tools they need.

Thank you for your understanding. As I've told everyone, always choose the product that serves your needs the best. I hope that is Logbook Pro but if it's not I do hope you find what you need.