Reports - Landscape/Portrait


Jan 12, 2006
Whenver I try to create a report for Certificates or Rating even if I select Landscape output, only the first page is landsape - the rest diplay in Portrait. So far it only seems to do this with these two reports.
I am unable to duplicate this issue. I select Reports...Historical...Certificates and run the report. I click the page setup button to the right of the print icon on the toolbar and change from Portrait to Landscape and it changes as expected. I close the report, reopen it, it's still in Landscape, as it should be.

Please provide more information to help reproduce this issue. Also confirm you are using the latest version available as listed here.
You're right. I never noticed that little icon, and it DOES work the way you explain. However, when I use the report combiner, I cannot get the entire report landscape (certs, ratings, jepp etc.). Maybe this is by design, and I just don't know it ;).