Requested Features #2


New member
Jan 5, 2002
I have been learning your Software. You have done a very nice job with it. Here a few other requests I have though.

1. On the * line (or the bottom line) at the bottom of the logbook view, I would like to see the totals of all columns. The summaries bar is good for currencies, but I would still like to see each column summaried in the logbook view.

2. Currently, I still a keep a record in my Jeppesen Logbook. I like the Jeppesen Logbook report as I can compare the electronic data with my logbook and verify the transfer to Logbook Pro is correct. I need an option to SAVE the margins on the Jeppesen report. The page setup does not take effect in the Jeppesen view and I have to set it up each time I run the report. Either make the default view settings in the Jeppesen report, or create a 2nd set of Default report settings for the Jeppesen reports to use so we do not have to enter it over and over. Also get rid of the Jeppesen 1' margin warnings or give us a way to disable it.

3. The option for Password protection on startup would be nice. Store with data so even a restored backup cannot restored be accessed without the password.

4. I wrote the suggestion prior to digging into the reporting functions. You can't exactly do what I wanted with the analyzer but almost.

I would like to see a more global generic way of reporting. ie. I want to define conditions on a report to get.
a. DUAL = 0, c. X-C time > 0. (to get non-dual X-C time) or any combination of conditions among built in fields and custom fields. If you want to see an example of this, FlightLevel 2000 does this
very well in their main logbook view, which I'm not sure I liked, but the ability to generate any custom report desired would be very useful.

5. I have read your feedback on FROM: TO: seperate fields. I agree with the user that requested this feature. I think it would be nice for reporting. FROM: TO: VIA: would be a nice way of doing it. You can do that with your custom fields but then entering data on the Windows view does not flow very good.

6. BUG: When entering Data in Windows entry mode, If you have a custom field (time field) and place an entry in there, when you hit next to create a new record, the time entry in your custom
field is NOT zero'd out. It is carrying over the time entry in the custom field to the new record. I think all Custom field entries should be zero'd out in a new record prior to starting entries.

7. Misleading: In Windows Entry mode, you may want to rename the NEW button to SAVE/NEW or have a SAVE (to save and stay on the current record) and SAVE\NEW button (to save and move to a new record). The NEW button is really a SAVE/NEW button.

8. Using the Analyzer, give us the ability to drill down to the entry level. You have + next to the aircraft which allows us to the see the exact tail numbers. What about another + next to the tail number to see the individual data that makes up the totals or the tail number.

9. Misleading: I am assuming that the Ratings button is equivalent to endorsements. correct?

10. I would like to see a generic History function. ie, Give me two entries. Date and Note. This will allow me to track additional information I think is relevent to my flying by date of the event. ie, 1/1/02 Mountain flight training, 1/23/02 FAA Safety Seminar attended... etc.

Thanks for listening.