Restoring backup and updating new features


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Aug 18, 2005
I submitted a support incident on this issue but maybe this forum is the best way to get my problem resolved. I have searched through the forum, but couldn't find a satisfactory answer.

Problem: I recently installed the new version ( of Logbook Pro on my computer and am trying to restore a backed up data file. The program seems to have installed fine and it looks like my backup was restored fine into an .lbk file. When I go to try an open this file a notice pops up that my logbook will be updated to take advantage of several new features (as the program I had before was several versions old). Clicking OK, the program has a status bar in the bottom left that says building new structure please wait. It gets up to 100% and nothing happens, then the program freezes up and will not respond. Ctrl Alt Del shows Logbook Pro not responding and it must be closed.

This happens every time and I have tried installing it on both my laptop and desktop. I have updated the drivers (I am using Windows ME) and tried reinstalling Logbook Pro. The only other possible solution I could find on this forum was sending my file in to you and having it updated. Any other suggestions.


All support tickets have been answered, I may not have received yours. First attempt a repair of your installation by clicking the change/remove button next to Logbook Pro in the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area. Choose REPAIR on the subsequent dialog. If that doesn't work, please submit a support ticket for another procedure we can provide. Also include the BAK file using the Attachment feature on the support ticket so we can check the integrity of the backup which may be the issue.