Route of Flight autofil


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Jul 14, 2008
LBP autofils the route of flight from the previous flight exactly. If I fly from LAX to SEA on day one, it will autofil LAX to SEA on day two. The problem is that I am now at SEA going somewhere else. I want the autofil to start with my last destination SEA.
Anybody know how to set this up?
Thanks Eric

I appreciate the reply, but I would think that I should be able to configure it (not to to predict routes.), but to start where I left off the last flight. LBP is already making an assumption, why not make it configurable?
The problem is there is no way to know what your last airport is as the route field is free flowing and not restrictive, i.e. require hyphens, etc. We are considering this capability in a future version it's just not available in version 1 as it is now.
Ok. Just seems like- since I have to retype it for every flight, that it could be an option to use the last stop, and make it the from leg.
I'll look for it in the next release.
I agree with Blackhawk, it would be more logical if LBP assumed you will start form your last destination, rather than flying the exact same trip all over again.