Logged Short Call and Airport Reserve on Same Day


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Nov 19, 2004
Hi Again,

I am trying to figure out how to put in a day that has a short-call reserve period followed by an airport reserve period in the same day. For example on 3 NOV 14, I was on SCR from 0400-0630 and then airport reserve from 0630-1430. Since SCR is non-duty and airport reserve is treated as an FDP, there needs to be distinction between the two. I can only figure out how to add actual flight legs to a SCR RAP. When I go to add a duty period, it changes to the next date and I can't change it.

Secondly, on days where I only have airport reserve, when I go to the legality page for that day, it is not showing a time by "began" for FDP. All the limits appear to be calculating correctly, but it shows "--" by the began time. When I go back to the schedule page for that day, the began time is listed correctly...just does not seem to be populating over to the legality page.


Thank you for your report. At this time, it is not possible to log SCR and airport reserve without an actual flying leg in the same day. I have logged this issue for review.

For your second issue, I have tested this and I do not see the same result. on the legality page I see FDP began time but --- next to FDP end time. Is this what you meant?

No, it's the begin time that is blank on mine. I took a couple screenshots to illustrate.