Short call RAP with pairing


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Jun 2, 2016
Had back to back short call RAPS. 6/10/16 From 14:00 to 22:59 and 6/11/16 from 09:00 to 22:59. 10 Hours 01 min rest between RAPS.
Was given a short call pairing with a sign in of 12:25 on 06/11/16. When I imported the trip I received an alert saying I did not have 10 hours of rest before start of FDP. The only way to clear the alert was modify the start of the trip FDP to 09:00 to match the start of my RAP that day. Then all was well. The importer did not pick up the RSV FDP times in my pairing, nor did the app combine the two entries for that day. Not sure if anything can be done with that, but thought I would let you know....Thanks, Steve
That sounds like an issue with importing a trip that is mixed with a RAP. That is currently a limitation we have with the schedule importer as it cannot import RAP. Unfortunately, as a result, if you are assigned a trip that also has a RAP, you have to build that trip manually in order to make this work correctly. You could delete the RAP, import the trip, and then change the duty on time of the trip back to the beginning of the RAP time (which sounds similar to what you did), and that should make all the legality calculations necessary, except it just wouldn't show up as RAP.