Sluggish take-off performance again


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Feb 7, 2002
My logbook is very sluggish when being launched initially, I double click on the icon and then wait and wait and wait. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem? I’ve done the database compaction and repair to no avail. I know it's not the machine because all other programs launch normally. Running the latest version on XP Pro.
I'm not aware of anyone having this issue.

Thanks, I will keep looking on my side to see if I can find anything that might be interfering with the launch.
Hi Neal,
I just started experiencing this also. Load time is approaching 2-3 minutes or more. I was thinking of reinstalling since I had the beta code installed. I'm running on XP Pro with all patches applied.
Just for chuckles I downloaded the software again, uninstaled, and re-installed. This did not fix the problem with the slow startup. Once the program is up it runs normally but it takes a long time to start.
Hi Neal,

You might be on to something. The new release has the automatic update feature. I've made some changes to my router configuration in the past week. Is there a way to disable the automatic updates? I'll try to turn it off and see if it starts up quicker. What settings do I need to have open on the router to enable the updates if it can't be disabled?
I tried running the update after the software loaded and oddly enough it does not detect the internet connection and it takes about the same length of time to issue that message as the time it takes to start up the software.
Hi Neal,

The router is a Linksys BEFW11S4. I'm not sure what configuration info might be important but I'll be happy to provide the configuration info as they request it. I'm also running Zone Alarm Pro but I'm sure that isn't the problem since I shut that down and ran the update.
Zone Alarm is a known issue with InstallShield Update Service. Bingo! Make sure you have the latest zone alarm version. If you to the site, go to their community, search on Zone Alarm, you'll find some info that may help.

The internet security setting in Zone alarm is in fact what is causing this. Changing the setting in ZA to medium causes the Installshield app to see that an internet connection exists and the LBP app launches quickly. Unfortunately changing my internet settings to medium is not a good alternative for me. I have the latest version of Zone Alarm installed. I hope you will communicate to Installshield that they need to work with zone Alarm to get this fixed. In the meantime the setting in LBP to turn off the auto update is a good temporary fix. I can change my ZA settings and launch the updates manually.
I too was running Zone Alarm Pro and killing it when running LBP solved the issue for me as well. As for the loading speed I removed Norton Anti-Virus and installed AVG, now loads nice and fast.
Folks, just to let you know last week I opened a formal support ticket with InstallShield on this issue. I am also going to be releasing a maintenance update in the next few weeks that has the option of turning off the background update checking on program startup. Once I get the final correspondence from InstallShield, I will release the maintenance update as soon as it's ready.


InstallShield inquires if you click the Check for Updates from the Online menu in Logbook Pro or from the Start...Program Files...Logbook Pro...Check for Updates if this also demonstrates slow update checks? Is it only the one on program startup or is it all attempts to check for updates?