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Specific break down


Dec 20, 2002
anyone know how to quickly find the number of specific night cross country times from the total cross country time?

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
Use the Analyzer, set Cross-Country in the Master Filter, cross-reference the Night data. By doing such, you are saying 'Show me all flights that have Cross-Country > 0 logged. Think about what you filter before you do, as you could do the same by putting Night in the Master filter. However, it may yield different results as this is now saying 'Show me all flights where Night > 0'. As you know, we may not log an entire flight as night but only the 'night portion.' Therefore, typically it's better to use XC as the master filter as typically the entire XC flights are logged as such. Regardless, there may be slight time deviations for this very reason either way. Another option is to use the Spreadsheet Style log, click the column header for Night which will force all the Night entries to be sorted (click again for opposite direction sort). You could then select this range of rows and export to Excel for more advanced analysis.