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Status Board jumping


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Aug 31, 2009

I tried to take a video of what was happening. I added Trip Route Map to the status board, Off Duty tab. This made the info on that tab longer than the screen space, and you have to scroll a little to see the whole Trip Route Map. When you scroll so that the bottom of the map is on the bottom of the iPad screen, it jumps repeatedly.

Yes, I closed APDL after updating and opened it up again. That was when I took the video.

By definition of the widget name, I expected to see more than the next leg. My next day is 3 legs. Is it intended to only see the next leg only, or the trip?

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Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001
We are aware of the issue and it is minor and will not be fixed prior to the 8.0 release. Thanks for the report on this though.