• APDL and Logbook Pro are iOS 13 compatible. APDL has a few very minor layout issues which we will soon fix with footer text and the top bar where the clock and network info is located is black. Other than that we see no issues in the functionality or operation of the app that would prevent anyone from upgrading to iOS 13. If you find any issues please include screenshots and submit a support ticket via our help desk. iOS 13 is compatible.

Status Board jumping


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Aug 31, 2009

I tried to take a video of what was happening. I added Trip Route Map to the status board, Off Duty tab. This made the info on that tab longer than the screen space, and you have to scroll a little to see the whole Trip Route Map. When you scroll so that the bottom of the map is on the bottom of the iPad screen, it jumps repeatedly.

Yes, I closed APDL after updating and opened it up again. That was when I took the video.

By definition of the widget name, I expected to see more than the next leg. My next day is 3 legs. Is it intended to only see the next leg only, or the trip?

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