Stupid question about time entries

I'm assuming this is not 'flight time?'

Logbook Pro is designed primarily for flight time, but there are workarounds. You'd have to go to Options...Flight Log and turn off the bottom checkbox so that Logbook Pro doesn't purge entries not containing the requirement of either Duration of Flt Sim. I'd also recommend creating a fictitious Aircraft TYPE so that it doesn't throw off your other times.

Hope this helps.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Actually, I was speaking of both ground instruction and flight hours. I'm training under part 141 and am logging the ground hours in my physical logbook in the back. As far as flight hours, those are being logged as 'Flight Training' hours in that column.

Since there isn't a column for these type of hours, and per FAR 61.51b I have to log flight time while training as 'Flight and ground training received from an authorized instructor', and I can't log PIC unless I'm soloing.

My concern is I am doing this for a career, so I really want to keep a perfect logbook, both physically and using your software.
I can't tell you how to log your data as the rules and regs are different worldwide and we can't be liable for telling you specifically how to log flights. Logbook Pro offers you the utmost in flexibility, such as adding a custom column (yes/no type) to filter out criteria in your time summaries. Maybe the others in the e-Community can assist, we can only assist with the functionality of Logbook Pro.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.