Suggestion for Next Version

Jul 2, 2004
Dear Neal,</o:p>
I love the product and wouldn't trade it, except for an upgrade, and offer these suggestions in the spirit of allowing you the insights and experiences of a brand new user. I am manually entering 11 years of data from my paper logbook. I hope you find them constructive and useful. If you have any questions, I would be glad to help.</o:p>
Having used your product for one week I make the following suggestions:</o:p>
1) Add the ability to manually lock or unlock records. I have inadvertently changed data in a record/s. It is a nightmare to figure out which record/s are now in error. I believe this could be easily prevented by creating the ability to lock records. I am manually entering 11 years of data and confirm the accuracy of entries one paper logbook page at a time via the analyzer. Once confirmed I would like to be able to lock those records to prevent any inadvertent changes. The way I made the inadvertent changes was invariably in the Logbook Windows view. I would not realize I was in an existing record and start to enter a new flight data. This over wrote the existing data. Once I got more familiar with the way things work I haven’t made this mistake again, but for a rookie user this would be a great feature.</o:p>
2) Have the analyzer default to the last used dates. This way I can more speedily change just one of the defaults. Per the note above, once I have confirmed that particular pages entries, I then confirm the grand totals up to that page. When I select new dates from the analyzer I have to enter both the beginning and end dates again. If it remembered the previously used dates I would only have to change is the beginning date, which I would set back to my very first flight. In my case, having started from the beginning of my paper logbook I have to click back 11 years for both the beginning and end dates. I do this via the year by year drop down, not the monthly drop down but it is still tedious.</o:p>
3) As I mentioned to you in an earlier e-mail I would like the option to do global replaces. In this particular case I had made a bunch of entries for C-152's in six different aircraft. I then added a C-152 aerobat aircraft type. It was one of the C-152's already entered in all the C-152 entries.