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Sync doesn't recognize new flights


New member
May 3, 2008
Running APDL with Logbook Pro. Worked smoothly for years, now suddenly when I sync, Logbook Pro isn't syncing any flight after 5 November. The only thing that's been changed is type aircraft.

Try making a change on any log page in November, tap S to force a save. This will "dirty" the record on the Palm and HotSync will bring it to your PC again. First though, refer to this KB article. After doing the above HotSync and retry your Logbook Pro PDA Wizard. Backup first by clicking File..Backup in Logbook Pro 1.10.42.
Thanks, but I figured it out.

When I started flying the new aircraft type, I had also changed the "Block" field to a new field I identified as "flt time". I was assuming the first line of APDL was counted as block time. But nothing synced.

I changed it back to block, and everything synced.