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Sync question


New member
Oct 16, 2004
I am having trouble with LBP. I can't get my options and custom fields to sync to my laptop when I do a sync in LBP. What files do I need to move?
Try going into your laptop, options area and change one value then change it back. For example, if you have a custom text field called 'Logbook' change the name to 'Logbook1' then save it, then go back and change it to 'Logbook'. See if forcing a save resolves your issue.

No luck,

It imported my custom fields (including a field I deleted) but not my options. When I open my logbook on my laptop all the fields I dont use (like in, out, approaches, etc) are there and all my other settings are on the default.
I see,

Then let me add that to the list of suggestions for V2. Options Persistance across cloned copies, and automatic sync.