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Jul 5, 2002

Thanks for the email answer on synching a notebook with the desktop and vice-versa. I thought I'd communicate on the forum so others could also share the answers.

Okay, I seem to have found the error. I had originally created the clone on the notebook via the network, from the master .lbk file on the desktop. I erased the file on the notebook, went to the desktop and created a clone there on the desktop. Then, using the windows explorer, dragged the clone onto the notebook and into the Logbook Pro file and then opened the clone. Now they seem to communicate.

Question: I see where anything I add on either computer gets added correctly to the other. But if I delete an entry from one the other still keeps it. So am I correct in assuming that when synching, the added data is transfered to the other machine, but if I'm going to delete something I need to do it on both?

Also, a find and replace, such as in Word or Excel. Is there such an ability? I've imported a lot of errors from the Excel spreadsheet and would like to do a quick fix.


Hi Steve,

Yes, the sync'ing is an add-only system, you manually delete entries from both. This functionality only exists in PDA device sync's in normal form.

Find and Replace will be in the next major release of Logbook Pro.

Thanks for using this forum so others can learn from your questions!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thank you.

One more question: If both the desktop and laptop are connected via network and both machines are running then I only need to perform the sync on one of the machines, right? The sync changes the files on both computeres, doesn't it?

Additions from one are transferred to the other, and vice-versa. You can add some on one, some on the other, sync, both systems are up-to-date with the new data from the other file.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.